Floating Agora

The Floating Agora is a travelling, hyper-connected micro-city designed to facilitate mass, democratic Social Movements. An imaginary space, its’ design is drawn from two real world sources: the networked social architecture of recent popular uprisings, and the physical architecture of people’s occupations across the world, from Tahrir Square and Gezi Park, to Zucotti Park and Occupy DC.

Democracy is a collective process of striving towards utopia. This space takes us on that journey. As we arrive at the departure gate, we leave behind the old, failing world, moving towards visions of a new, yet-to-be-defined future, one that must be co-created. A floating vessel awaits. This project was a winner of the Design For Free Speech Competition hosted by the American Institute for Architects New York. 

Role: Graphic Design, Concept Development

With: Gan Golan, Raquel De Anda