Ron Morrison [Elegant Collisions] is an interdisciplinary designer, artist, and researcher working across the fields of human geography, digital technology, and urbanism. Their practice works to investigate the generative ways in which the unassimilable refigures, complicates, and dissolves our understandings of race + geographic space as fixed and knowable. Focusing on boundaries, subjectivity, and protection I look for the ways that fissures and inconsistencies can allow for emergent moments to practice new spatial relationships and epistemologies. From these seemingly dissonant spaces we learn to rework and retune systems towards an increased potential for collaboration and action, from the quotidian to the phenomenological. With a strong background in community development and social advocacy, they believe that people should have full access to shaping their cities and communities and see design as a medium for creating knowledge and moving beyond paralysis in the face of complexity. From building open source platforms to upend the continued practice of solitary confinement to crafting community based archives to combat gentrification, their work investigates cartographies of slow violence, cybernetics, unassimilable data, and blackness.

They have been a collaborator with design teams that implemented projects in New Orleans, Ghana, Colombia, Ethiopia, New York, and Venice and have had work featured in AIA New York, the UN World Urban Forum, and the Tribeca Film Festival. Ron holds degrees in Psychology and Gender Studies, as well as a graduate degree in Design and Urban Ecologies from Parsons School of Design. They are currently an Annenburg PhD Fellow in the School of Cinematic Arts at USC in Los Angeles. 

Select Awards

Joan Mitchell Center: Artist in Residence, Summer 2018

University of Southern California: Annenberg PhD Fellow 2018

Pacific Northwest College of Arts: Visiting Scholar, Spring 2018

Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU): Resident 2017

The Extrapolation Factory: Artist in Residence 2017

Blights Out: Artist in Residence 2017

Eyeo Festival: Ford Foundation Fellow 2017

Urban Design Forum: Forefront Fellow 2017

The Laundromat Project: Create Change Artist Fellow 2017

New INC : New Museum Member 2016

Rauschenberg Award: Artist as Activist Fellow with People’s Climate Arts 2016

MECATE: Social Entrepreneur Fellow 2016

D-Prize: Winner 2016

Parsons E-Lab: Winner 2016

Eyebeam Art + Tech Studio: Artist in Residence 2015

Center for Social Innovation: Incubation Fellow 2014

Atlantis: Urbanisms of Inclusion Fellow 2014

American Institute of Architects NY: Design for Free Speech Winner 2014

Select Exhibitions + Presentations

“Living Material in Excess of Data”, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2018, Tokyo, Japan

“Black Data: Adaptive Infrastructures”, Convening the Commons, 2018, Queens Museum, NY

Primal Machines, Aronson Gallery, 2018, New York, NY

"Decoding Possibilities: Liquid Infrastructures", Information Plus Conference, October 2018, Postdam, Germany

"F(r)ictional Interfaces: Black Geographies + the Politics of Data", Refiguring the Future, Museum of Contemporary Art, May 2018, Chicago, IL

"Blackness as Archipelago", Black Portraitures IV, Harvard, March 2018, Cambridge, MA

"Politics and Policies: Race+Space", Afrotectopia, NYU March 2018, New York, NY

"Nomadicity + Self-Emancipation Through Architecture and Design" Wynter-Wells Drawing School, The Drawing Center, March 2018, New York, NY

“Future Black Spatial Imaginaries”, The Extrapolation Factory, Dec 2017, Brooklyn, NY

Decoding Possibilities, Recess Assembly Gallery, 2017, Brooklyn, NY

“Decoding Possibilities”, Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU) 2017, New York, NY

“Design Activism, Black Geographies and Critical Packet Sniffing”, Radical Networks 2017, New York, NY

Underpresented, Aronson Gallery, 2017, New York, NY

“Decoding Possibilities” Black Geographies: Spatial Poetics, and the Politics of Blackness, 2017, University of California Berkeley, CA

“Building Tech to Hold Police Accountable”, Allied Media Conference, 2017, Detroit, MI

Moogfest 2017, Durham, NC

Refest 2.0, Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU) 2017, New York, NY

Tribeca Film Festival: Storyscapes 2016, New York, NY

Project Row Houses 2016, Houston, TX

To Scale, Eyebeam Studios 2016, Brooklyn, NY

“Counter Mapping”, Allied Media Conference 2015, Detroit, MI

Future of Food in Harlem 2015, New York, NY

Manipulations, Nordes: Design Ecologies 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

U.N. World Urban Forum 2014, Medellin, Colombia

Theories and Practices of Designing Urban Transformation 2014, New York, NY

Post No Bills, Southern Graphics Conference 2012, New Orleans, LA